As at 18 June 2018


  1. Inclusive of 967,000 Shares which are held through CPF investment account.
  2. Mr Terence Tea Yeok Kian is deemed interested in the 30,062,000 issued shares of the Company held by his wife, Ms Sim Aileen.
  3. EG Industries Berhad's direct interest of 290,790,400 Shares are held in the name of OCBC Securities Private Ltd.

Free Float

Based on the information available to the Company as at 18 June 2018, approximately 70.10% of the issued ordinary shares of the Company was held in the hands of the public. This is compliance with the Rule 723 of the Listing Manual (Section B: Rules of Catalist) of the SGX-ST which requires at least 10% of the listed issuer's equity securities to be held by the public.